Good modeling software for gmod 13 sweps?

Finally I have finished coding my SWEP’s and added sounds to them…But I still dont feel acomplished! I NEED TO ADD CUSTOM MODELS! :smiley:

Ive heard good things about blender as a tool for making models so I want to know if any of you guys make models and what are the pro’s and cons of the program you use? Also How easy is it to export the models from that program and put them into gmod?

Thanks for your time! (And opinions!)

I Recommend, 3DS MAX.

Its hard to make the models. its easy to Export The Weapons and stuff, but Animating is hard. takes A Long time to learn it.

I assume that the animating of models would be things like recoil that you see when you fire the gun and reload animations? I can learn this with time as the current sweps im making dont need animating! :3

No, Animating is like, seeing the gun shoot. if there was no Animation. your gun would be just sitting there. not doing anything.

Ahh I see! Thanks for your help! ;~)