good news (Random freeze)

I have the Random freeze problem since I brought the game. I tried lots things to make game without freeze. (Update drivers, etc ).
finally, I found that I have 2 sound driver on my laptop. Ons is called “Rek…” I forgot. Another one is NVi. Then I deleted Rek driver. And omg! It works. My game goes so smooth and enjoy the game ! Hope you guys can solve ur problem as well. Good luck !

Thanks! this worked for my freeze/stutter. I never thought it was the audio

How do you end up checking if you have 2 sound drivers?

Atm just looking at my task manager I see that I have:

Realtek HD Audio Manager
RTFTrack (still part of realtek I think)

I dont know if I have missed any others?

Open up Device Manager and click around to find sounds drivers and such.

Ah, I already checked once but I didn’t see that there is two tabs related to sound:

Audio inputs and outputs:
-Realtek high def audio

Sound, video and game controllers:

  • Nvidia high def audio
  • Nvidia virtual audio device (wave extensible) (wdm)
  • Realtek high def Audio

I’m guessing op uninstalled realtek but I thought realtek is the official driver. I just had a look on my manufacturer’s website and its confirms it.

In this case would it be advised to uninstall the nvidia driver?

EDIT: after having a quick search about this it seems the nvidia is just for the hdmi output? whereas realtek is for your computer speakers?

I tried to delete both. But only "Realtek "deleted works for me. NVi can works for all. No worry. Good luck.

The only reason you would have issues for sound is if you had 2 conflicting drivers for the 1 device, if you only have 1 for 1 device, no problems.

Just a quick thanks to say that this actually worked.

Thank you very much

Yup this fixed my problem thx dude.

Good to know! :slight_smile:

Hey just asking, delete them or DISABLE THEM? IF DELETE THEM how to delete them? sorry the cap

Checking out Event Viewer in windows and going to Windows Logs -> System if you’re unsure about what’s causing problems. Look for entries around the time the game crashed, it will give you some information and a file name most times. If you get something talking about IRQL then u probably have a hardware conflict. Or open device manager and look for exclamation points / question marks on devices. When you have a custom built computer or laptop/pc installing a new version of windows (not using a manufacturer’s recovery disk), you most likely will not have all the right drivers get automatically installed so it’s a good idea to always check out motherboard or computer manufacturer’s site for the latest.

Oh and removing a device will just most likely cause windows to just go through the driver process and re-add it, so for troubleshooting purposes it may be best to disable if you’re trying to troubleshoot.

So after disabling my realtek high definition audio the lag is gone but my sound is also gone so Im not able to hear anything through my headset .. and the only way for the sound to come back is to enable the realtek high definition audio which in turn makes the lag spikes come back @@ when i went to device manager i looked under the tabs and found these

sound,video and game controllers

Intel® Display Audio
NVIDIA virtual audio device(wave exstensible) (WDM)
Realtek High Definition Audio

when disabling realtek i get flawless gameplay but no sound whatsover, but on the other hand i get sound but with the constant freezes every few seconds :frowning: is there anyway to get sound through a different driver?


you have to buy a soundcard when you wanna disable onboardsound(realtek)

So i dont have a Realtek sound driver, but i do have a Realtek network adapator, does this mean i need to delete this? if so i will have no internet lol

playing the game for many months now on and off, but it’s really not playable for me at this point, every time i get into a gun fight i come out short majority of the time, and its same old story, i turn to shoot at someone screen freezes for up to 2-3 seconds then im dead.

I have a i7 oc at 4.ghz, 16gb ram, hd7970x2

i can run literally any other game on ultra settings and easily get 60+ fps, i get smooth game play in rust every 20 seconds or so then hit this lag crap, any help appreciated.

same here

Bump, realtek turned off flawless gameplay but no sound for anything. How do we narrow this down to just no sound in Rust?


Agree need to fix this… If I disable or remove realtek I get no spikes but also no sound.
However In my device manager the following items are listed under sound,video and game controllers

Bluetooth audio device
Intel® Display Audio
Intel® Display Audio
Microsoft Streaming Clock Proxy
Microsoft Streaming Quality Manager Proxy
Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy
Microsoft Streaming Tee/Sink-to-Sink Converter
Microsoft Streaming Tee/Sink-to-Sink Converter
Microsoft Trusted Audio Drivers
Nvidia Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)
Realtek High Definition Audio

Listed exactly how it appears in my Device manager .