Good ol' Cowboys

I haven’t seen any models, let alone packs of cowboys.
Perhaps this is an idea for people to work on.
I guess you could port them from “Gun” or “Call of Juarez”

It would add a whole new genre to Garrysmod videos.


Have you tried looking around on moddb for western mods on hl2? There was one there, since it is a source mod you could copy those files in, unless of course they replace hl2 components, of which of course I will be willing to hex.

It may not be the best idea but since most requests don’t get fulfilled, that was an option.

i know someone made a cowgirl miku, i’ll feature that in the mmd vocaloid pack. but it better have not been uploaded to loda.

Oh hey I found the mods:

I don’t really need to download them, but if there are any files in there that need hexing then I’m your guy.

Also M&B has a really good western mod, 1886. You don’t even need Mount & Blade, you just need BRFOpener and you can open everything from there. You can actually export bodies as rigged, just need bones and to be compiled.

Not exactly what you wanted, but like I said this is in case no one ever actually fulfills this request.