Good Old West

A love making between Gimp and Gmod. Don’t try this at home.
And attempting to add something new to this section without breaking the rules.
So rejoice or don’t, but keep the criticisms constructive:yarr:

PS! Model used is nude Kat (Devil May Cry) made by Evil Ash.

I really don’t remember cowboys and dames wearing American Eagle sweatpants

This was a very loose experiment and claims no root to historical accuracy:eng101:

Before all the usual posts run through this thread, and coming from a person who tries to stay impartial when judging these pictures, I’m going to agree on the soon-to-be-coming posts and say that this isn’t a very good picture. The background shows nothing, the foreground shows nothing, the color “correction”/altering doesn’t provide anything to the shot, the model itself isn’t shown doing anything nor does it fit the “theme” of relating to the Wild West, her posing is exaggerated but, again, doesn’t actually do anything to make the pose better, and any other comments relating to how this picture is literally nothing, I would probably agree on.

In the last shot you did, you showed what seemed to be a decent looking scenebuild but decided to cover the foreground with a nearly-naked woman with the intent to focus on her bare ass. The posing on her, as I recall, wasn’t special and the constructive criticism mostly suggested you focus on the background and the scenebuild, something which could have provided a pose/shot worth posting. This isn’t worth posting, at least not as a thread alone.

I’m sure this is going to become a series of post about the usual, but I’ll just end on what will eventually be said: while we get “generic military poses” every so often, you still find plenty of beautiful and amazing shots that are unique and special because of the time and actual effort that can be seen in them, e.g.
By Agilor:[/t]
By UTSTriggerhappy

Now guys, lets keep this civil and proper. We don’t need any arguments going on, now do we? Rastifan, I would say that this picture seems to be quite different from any of your other pictures, opinion wise. Now, I’m still a little meh on the whole half nudity in this picture, but in respect, I will have to admit that you chose something that isn’t fantasy and that its just, ok I guess. However, I would like to see some pictures in the future that have women with more clothes on. Hell, put some men your pictures as well. Just do something that’s going to make it were you don’t get all butt hurt about the comments. Make it a little more, proper like.

The criticism is welcome, don’t get me wrong. But why post other peoples work here?

Well, you got the “spaghetti western” bit of the good old west, but pants don’t fit the scene, and the shotgun looks too modern (plus, there’s still some edging left from the editing).

Thanks for the comment Darkfire. The problem is I loose interest in any pose I try to do that hasn’t any erotic element in it. Yes I know,
it is hard to grasp for some here, but that is how I roll. I can do military poses and all that. That is not the problem. It just isn’t fun for me.
And when you are bored with a pose, why keep working on it? Not sure how else to put it. But your suggestion is noted.

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No historical claims made here:eng101: The pants and the gun are quite out of place. But I did this for fun. Call it a modern spaghetti western theme if you will.

As I recall in the previous thread from your last pose, you made a point of seemingly justifying the elf’s bare ass by saying you wanted to provide something “different” from the “usual brown military poses,” or something along the lines. You even went as far as to say you left this sub-forum because the things here were “boring.” My point of posting other people’s works, of which I grabbed among the first few threads aside from the Megathreads, was to simply show that that justification holds no ground and, especially lately, we get more unique scenebuilds with effort and quality than we do generic threads we previously were flooded with.

As far as your lack of interest in any poses that don’t involve some sort of eroticism, fine, just be more mindful of the audience of this forum and understand that not everything deserves its own thread. If you posted this in the “but don’t want to make a thread” thread, I honestly wouldn’t have any problems just because, regardless of how much you actually wanted to make a thread for this, it isn’t worthy of a thread alone. Your apathy and disinterest in non-erotic poses is fine, I just can’t see it as justification to posting something as pointless and unworthy as this (although it’s probably going to spawn some argument lasting pages if the usual posters appear).

I honestly wouldn’t mind half your poses if you didn’t shoehorn your eroticism bullshit in every thing you do, hell Vikster made a pose that had half naked women in it and they aren’t grinding in a raunchy lesbian harem

You are over thinking this a bit me thinks. I did not desire a own thread for this, but was no small amount of work put in to this, so I though why not. Was no greater scheme behind it.
But that is as for everything else in the eyes of the beholder. Did not mean for this to be amazing, just different. And this section can use something different.

And why not add some sexiness to that. Some of you guys take Gmod posing to serious. It is fine with real quality poses, but it is allowed to just have fun to you know.

Well Rastifan, its like being serious towards a piece of art. Sometimes the art work can scare us or even be off, because it’s a lot different from the usual thing you see. Sure, we don’t like to be too serious, but we all have our little critic that wants you to know that maybe your term of “sexiness” (trying not be mean here) is not what we like to see. Or atleast not wanting your pictures in its own thread. Sure you put a lot of time in it, but I do believe that it’s not ready for our eyes to behold.

But the real question here is! What is our eyes? Because as I have said before. No small amount of pms have asked me to keep posting here. Since 2012 in fact.
Why they don’t come forward is everyone’s guess. Mine is the aggressive attitude that surfaced after Garry got a hiccup and prohibited sex poses.
Then this section turned in to a boy club that was manically oppressive to anything erotic and transformed in to a hill billy society. No offence to anyone personal,
but that is the status quo. We don’t like your kind around here. Trust me when I say this. That attitude is death to a forum. It will become decadent and boring.
And when the people advocating this grows up and move on, they will leave a shallow shell of a forum behind that could have been so much more.

That was my rant and penny in all of this.

Yes this forum is decaying I wish we were as cool as Digitalero

You never will be:quagmire: That was a joke by the way.

But enough of this. Want more slaughter or praise of the fucking pose.

Well, ok I guess I can see where you are going with this, but I don’t think that the forum will die from this, sure it might be boring, but think about the future man. We might see poses on dances, Halloween related stuff, hell even some good ol’fashion historical stuff. I mean come on Rastifan. If you just look at the future and not just focus on the present, we might have a something great. Believe me when I say this my dear friend, people who don’t look forward to the future, will never know greatness or happiness. I don’t. But just remember man, don’t focus on the stuff you see boring, focus on things that appeal to you. And maybe, just maybe you can start some other poses like lets say dances with your females. I do believe does half naked women might fit in there perfectly, but I don’t know, Im just guessing.

Rastifan your shits really getting stale “blah blah blah forum ain’t what it used to be” Yeah it’s changed but not the way your thinking,It used to have tons of awesome comics and comic makers and interactive adventures not sex poses. hell even back then people made military poses n stuff it’s just now you bitch about it to Justify your need for sexual exploitation.

The sweat/yoga pants don’t really make any sense here. The only real “Old West” element you have is the desaturation, the gun and perhaps the wood shack in the background. Sweat pants don’t really scream “Old West” for me. Once again, you have a decent picture shoved into mediocrity because of terribly unfitting models. Could have edited in some cowboy boots and a pistol holder. That would have made it somewhat fit with the theme.

Diversity is the magic word here. Boring or not. Does not matter. Diversity does. That is what makes a forum interesting.

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Don’t scream old west for me either. Was just a pose and edit I did as I went along.
But to my defence, it was not a serious attempt though. Just though it was a funny addition to the section here.

Probably would be more fitting here don’t you think?

This doesn’t exactly seem threadworthy to be honest.