Good Old West

Although I know this was sort of done as a joke towards the other Good Old West, I’m curious if everything in the background was just edited on or not. The isolation could use some work in some areas, like the horse’s mouth, its mane, and most of the outline surrounding Marston.

e. If the background was just placed there, the isolation around the grass seems good. The break between the horse’s front legs and hind legs is a bit jarring, as well as his lack of a second ear (perhaps a result of the model). Did you just green screen it?

Pretty nice. The shadows were well done and the posing was alright. However the only thing I had a problem with the posing was the horses front leg. It looks like it dislocated its shoulder. However, I could be looking at it a different way then anyone else because either the horse is looking away from the sunset or it’s looking at the sunset. It’s really confusing. but other then that, it’s nice.

@Pancake Kinda sorta. As I got in-game I realized I only had a shitty horse model so I worked with it. The ear thing is just how the model is positioned. But yeah, some of it might be a little shoddy. I still have the pdf ill clean it up more tomorrow.

Admittedly better than the other old west.

10/10 would West again.

This has to be the best western picture I’ve seen on here. Fantastic job.

oh the sass

thread music

Not enough scantily-clad female posteriors 0/10

Seriously though, beautiful sunset edit. How much of this image was done in-game?

this is delish

I’m actually not huge on the background of the picture itself. Just doesn’t contrast too well with the VG graphics of the foreground somehow.

I really don’t want to be that guy, because I do like Rastifan as a person and usually stick by him when I think he’s being bullied, but I feel like I have to point out:

His thread. Most of you guys completely hate either the picture or the guy himself. 21 Dumbs, just showcasing the hatred. And yet, 69 (immature lol) replies, 1,399 views as of now.

Hunterdnrc’s. Exactly same name as a jab to Rastifan. Much better received picture overall - 19 Winner tags, 8 Artistic, a few Zings and Funnies. 11 posts (now 12), 474 views as of this moment.

I do realize the latter was made after the former (I was trying to pinpoint when exactly, but couldn’t), but it’s undeniable how much the arguably worse picture actually gets discussion going and attention. A lot of it is obviously because every Rastifan thread eventually spurs a big heated discussion, but even so, it shows that the best stuff is so good, it’s overlooked. Kind of unfair.

His picture wasn’t very good (that’s just my opinion… I suck at posing), he doesn’t accept criticism (unless it’s positive and even then he doesn’t listen), then he says every pose here are all boring military poses even though others try to show him that he’s wrong. He also says we are taking this too seriously yet he still continues to post responses every single time. If it wasn’t such a big deal to him why reply? Just post your picture and that’s it. Don’t bother replying at all if you know the majority is going to just start shit.

Just the guy, the horse, and the grass.

Okay, random aside, I kind of find it ironic that Rastifan gets so much piss, including but not exclusively because of the nudity and sexual overtones, and Hunterdnrc boobs.

I mean, his avatar boobs.

Sorry, I can’t seem to correctly boobs.



You can’t really comment on or criticize an avatar, it’s not exactly content he’s made to display, and he’s certainly not using it to wind people up / troll / shitpost. It’s just kinda there. Can’t say the same for Rastifan’s content.

If anything the amount of boobage in my avatars should show that the nudity is not the issue.

I wasn’t criticizing, just appreciating the boo-- I mean, the irony.

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, far away from home