good-people / bad-people system

it would be nice to have an good people / bad people system.
There are 3 people, A, B C, D
Everyone can defining a “head money”, such as 1000 wood or something else …

A,B,C,D define a head money.
A,B,C,D are good people
A is killing B.
A is getting “bad”.
A is killing C
A is getting “more bad”
D is looking out for A.
D is killing A.
D gets the “head moneys” from B and C + loot from A

This game isn’t Counter-Strike with a buy menu. It should be as plain and dry as possible, or else it isn’t Rust.

Garry wants as much to be left to the community to decide in-game without menus, restriction, or predefined rules.

The idea is, that everyone think twice or three times to kill someone else, because he doesn’t know if after the kill many people are hunting him.

People will be hunting him anyways if he’s killing everybody. It doesn’t need to be reinforced by the game itself. The community should be self-correcting.

It has been mentioned a million times already , they will NEVER do this to the game . Liberty is what defines rust , you can do whatever you want there and it’s much more interesting to see someone that says friendly and not know if he really is or not or to trade with him and not know if he will backstab you , if you had that thing over their heads like “the bad group” or something like that it wouldn’t be fun at all.

Rust is a PvP raid game… People that don’t want to be killed need to play very carefull and stop crying ^^

This exact same idea has been brought up multiple times before. It will not be part of vanilla Rust, but there’s plenty of plugins that will do karma or bounty.

Garry already said it he dislikes that kind of Karma managment

I honestly don’t want another MMO game with a karma system because I think it takes away freedom and I can’t give two shits if there’s a little twelve year old getting pissed at me for killing him and then trying to make the game like fallout by adding his “super dooper karma system”

I’d leave it as is. I like the way it is now.

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Leave custom plugin’s to do this. I’d like the actual game to be as liberating as possible, and if I feel like I am not enjoying myself I will find a modded server custom’d to what you speak of.

Like I said, Warm… I like it as it is. And, I agree about leaving it to mods, Snak.

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… this is where it all falls down for me… :dance:

There are no good people in the world of Rust…

So u want bounties on people that are killing a lot, reminds me of gmod dayz

Neither are there bad. It’s moral ambiguity.