Good place to learn Lua?

Can anyone recommend me a site to easily learn the basics of Lua for scripts in Garry’s mod?

The manual:
A good tutorial:
If you need help with functions:

All you really need is , I didn’t find the manual useful at all.

It comes in useful for the things that the wiki is useless for. Mainly pure lua functions which aren’t documented well on the wiki.

Check the stickied post. SO many helpful links…

Yep this kid is pro at lua if he finds something useless dont use it he has been coding for 6 months you know he must be good

Look at other scripts:buddy:

Oh my god will you just fucking let it go already!?

Nobody gives a damn how you like this guy or not.

Just because I find a manual useless doesn’t mean it’s useless to anyone else, thats like saying that reading the 17 pages of the EULA agreement not a waste of time and a useful learning experience.