Good Place to start! Fun and Freiendly! - Noob Friendly|Fresh 2/20||Essentials|PVP|Slprs|Kits|1/2 Craft

Noob Friendly|Fresh 2/20||Essentials|PVP|Slprs|Kits|1/2 Craft
Hey there everyone! First off I want to thank everyone who’s come to the server so far and helped populate us and extend my invitation to everyone out there!
Welcome to [US CH] Fresh 2/20|Essentials|PVP|Ltd Slp|Starter|1/2 Craft
The BEST way to contact admin is in-game.
The EASIEST way to connect to us is;
Press F1 from the Rust main screen and type(Or Copy/Paste the following):


We have completely customized the Loot Tables to slower progression, but allowing new players to hop into the action and get keep themselves and the treasures safe! The loot tables include some features as follows;

Wood and Sulfur are ONLY available from the field.
BP’s are OFF This is to enforce players to be in the field, farming for the item and research kits to research, accordingly our Research Kits DO require 1 Paper to use.
Research Kits are available as a rare drop from Zombies.
C4 is ONLY available from Supply Drops.
Military Grade weapons are RARE drop’s in Weapon Crates but Homebuilt weapons are more common for self defense.

By balancing these things out some, we require players to shop around a bit to get what they desire. This also lessens the viability of a strategy like camping Large Civilian and keeping everyone away from most of the goods in the game. Keeping high-end items in Supply Drops forces players to engage in PvP to get and show everyone whos the best of the best!

We have added a start kit for players.

We have active Moderators/Admins who are active and fair, as well as honest. They are Moderators that DO play on the server. Moderator meaning specific flag’s allowing them to KICK AND BAN ONLY To reduce hacker inflow.

Active Moderators (For Kick/Ban Purpose ONLY!)
1/2 Craft (Keeping it realistic.)
*Rare Military Loot (Drops are rare but are there for those dedicated to getting them!)
*Limited Crafting Table And Paper Needed for Research Kits!
*3 Hour Sleepers ( To encourage you to raid quickly if you’re going to )