Good, popular gamemodes to host?

So I’ve been running a unique DarkRP ( with a lot of custom stuff on it, some of it unique too ) server for 2 or so months now, didn’t see much players and I’ve got a dedicated server.
I don’t want to continue running an empty server so what are good gamemodes that players like which fill up fast?
I’m an okay coder so if anything I can add stuff to it, I was thinking of minigames but is there anything else?
Every input is appreciated.

I don’t think any gamemode will guarantee you instant players, unless the gamemode itself is unique or only has, like, two servers for it.

Recently, Prop Hunt has become very popular, but rather hard to get initially populated (from my experience anyway). Once you get some players on, lots more join and you get good flow, and I think this applies to a lot of gamemodes. If you’ve got some friends who’re interested in Gmod, or some regulars, ask them for a bit of help populating the server, since you’ll probably get a couple of randomers joining soon afterwards.

Or just make a ~ custom ~ TTT server that never leaves Minecraft, 67thway or Rooftops, that gets players quickly too.

I’ve grown quite fond of the old classics. Such as fortwars and climb. That may because I like the laid back approach and the fact I was working on them.

You either need something so unique that people go out of their way to join you, or you need to get a group of friends to help you populate your server. Once any kind of server starts to be populated, it will generally steadily grow a bit of a following (unless it’s awful).

pony darkrp

Already have a TTT server on my network, not doing too bad to be honest.
I’m a huge fan of climb but sadly as far as I know not many people appreciate it on GMod.
I had a group of friends, they kept inviting friends but they either didn’t join or joined and started trolling.
I had constant 10 players or so before we switched to the dedicated server, but after the switch everyone just quit playing for some reason.
Now it’s down to one guy inviting friends over and over which doesn’t seem to really help.
I’m doing a referral event on friday with rewards, if that doesn’t work out I’ll look into prophunt or something like that, perhaps just stay with TTT.

Thanks for the input guys!

Final Frontier had me a full server at peak times pretty much as soon as I made a custom map for it.

If you find a unique idea, and it clearly doesn’t have to be a huge gamemode, I bet you’ll get players. There are some great examples out there, who have simple, but fun gamemodes.

I really lack with creativeness and stuff, I really want to make my own gamemode just to test my lua capabilities (which I’m pretty sure are the same as my creativeness ) but I’ve got nothing in mind besides ol’ deathmatch/ctf that rewards players for each kill and combos, but hey that’s not unique :v:

Anyone who creates working STBase climb server with leaderboards can have my babies.

*Or atleast my moneys for vip or something. *

I don’t have leaderboards done yet but as far as climb being like ST’s it surely is as of right now. I’ve only just started coding mine.

By climb do you guys mean KZ_ maps like in CS 1.6 (with trees and leaves, for example) or just floating blocks?

It’s just the jumping,crouching mechanic in STBase is superior to other climbs i’ve played so far. But if you insist on doing your own atleast have some good player to get values right.

And these maps are xc_

E: Telling this because for example at casual bananas climb its total bullshit

Imo setting up gamemodes just to get popular usually won’t work. You need to actively participate in your servers for them to get popular. Pick gamemodes you like. Make something original.

To put it into perspective, any gamemode you put up, there’s at least 10 other servers running the same thing with the same mods and the same “unique” features. Either make your server better through actual content or community.

In all seriousness.
TTT, and DeathRun are what I host… And they do so good, sometimes I can’t even join.
So I would recommend those two game modes, plus they are really fun.

But go hire a coder or learn lua, because “custom” servers are always more fun!

All the maps(+ xc_xand) I’m currently using.

qube, minecraft 2, minecraft 3, and sky paradise are especially hard.

Extreme Football Throwdown is the best.

Darkrp Server.

Nope. Couldnt keep a straight face for that.

In all seriousness any gamemode you use will NOT gaurentee your server to be popular and successful. Popular gamemodes such as TTT, Base (Sandbox), Darkrp, you know the ones that have more then 1 person on them and several communities using the same gamemode, would seem like the easy way to get tons of people onto your server because they are popular gamemodes that people tend to play. However Ive seen many a server fail on this belief. Shit ton of people =/= easy popularity. Popular gamemodes ususally have a shit ton of servers to cater to everyones wim. Case and point being Darkrp (Seriouslly. Do we REALLY need 1k servers with ‘custom’, i.e a simple extra job, content???).

All in all popular gamemodes usually also have servers that are almost always barren. Best way to explain it in 1 sentence, Supply (Gameservers) is higher then that of the demand (people playing).

Unique gamemodes simply, usually, just, lack people interested in trying something different. But honestlly if you know how to, and want to try something different (and not just be generic gaming custom ttt/darkrp etc.), then go for it. Do your own thing and try it. You got nothing to lose.

(BTW I just woke up so most likelly this all sounds like complete and utter garble.)

Don’t host a server just because you want players; players are not sort of currency. You should only be hosting a game mode you enjoy playing yourself. If not, where’s the motivation to update your server and ensure it’s fun to play?

Donation money, lol.