Good Post-Apocalyptic Themed Maps?

I am currently working on a machinima that is set in the fallout universe, but I’m not staying on canon. Anyway back on topic, what are good maps?

I already know about GM_Atomic.

Maybe try the request section?

A good one that is gonna come out soon is gm_apocalypse

Yeah, I know. I don’t really see how this fits in the request section as I’m looking for maps that have already came out.

Of course, those are probably the only two good/decent apocalyptic maps.


Contains areas with a fallout 1/2 theme, inspiration from shady sands, navarro, mariposa, and contains vault 15.

Blows atomic out of the water…although gm_flatgrass will do that.

gm_apocalypse is coming out pretty soon.

Thanks! I was looking for a map like that!

It should satisfy until i finally get round to finishing van buren.

I think you need to get the propfix version or some bullshit like that for the vault to be there though.

**So lets decide what people want in a post apocalyptic map **(for the help of future projects)

I’d like to see a rusted out classic 50’s Diner in the sand, partially buried and possibly converted to a living area.

There are these maps based off of Terminator Salvation. (night version)

The first two freeze up on me if I try to leave the spawn room, but I think that’s just a computer issue.

This map I think is based off of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but it’s literally the only thing I’ve ever downloaded that needed HL2: Lost Coast.

Hope these help.

Nope…its in the normal version. Propfix version fixed a crash when you picked up a missile in the storage chamber of navarro.