Good program for texturing/skinning?

Hey guys, I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong topic, I didnt know where to ask my question.

I am new in the texturing world and I am looking for goods programs to try out for Texture and Skinning.

I would like to make my own Skin texture etc.
Anyone here know a good program that i can use for cheap that show a 3d model in real time?

Thanks for helping

If you want a good program that’s cheap, you’d be looking for GIMP. The program itself is completely free, and it pretty much works about the same as Photoshop. The only real difference is the user interface, which isn’t that big of an issue.

Yeah I have it. I wonder if there is an other one that have a realtime 3d interface, i mean if you try to skin or make a texture, you can see the change you make in real time on a 3d model in the same program. To be frank, i always used because its easy and simple. But i have to upgrade with a better one. Paint is fine but cant do much as Gimp or Photoshop etc