Good programming music?

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but after all the section IS named Developer “Discussion”.

So, what’s some good programming music that you listen to that gives you apparent programming superpowers?

I’ll name a few of mine:
Ratatat - Wildcat

Ratatat - Loud Pipes

Pegboard Nerds - Splitbreed

(thanks to lauscript for showing me ratatat)

GLua isn’t programming

you know what I mean… :wink:

This highly depends on you preference of music.

Generally, any music that has words have higher chance of getting you distracted, so instrumental music of your choice usually the best choice in my opinion.

I usually listen to Jazz music because of personal preference, and like Robotboy said, it lacks words that can get you distracted. Here are a few good ones:

I reckon more ambiance when I go through more slower paced programming,
I usually just run through this guys profile

But it comes to more serious work, anything with a higher tempo, or just my favourite music,
ShockOne, bit of DaftPunk and Zedd (to name a few easy ones)


Basically anything from here. Mainly because if I make a video I won’t get a youtube notice because the artists are pretty chill about it.