Good projects for a GMOD LUA Begginer?


Recently I have been started learning LUA for the purpose of coding a gamemode eventually. Since this in ambitious project for somebody new I wondered if you guys could tell me what you first used to practice GMOD LUA?

Always set goals, move your goals up further and further overtime. You don’t always have to finish projects, one of easiest ways to learn LUA is as I just said, but to pick up the syntax as you move along. Never fear, gmod wiki will always be here in case you need help.

  • Learn Syntax
  • Learn troubleshooting
  • Starting making some basic projects
  • Make something worthwhile, as you said; a gamemode

Thank you :slight_smile:

At the moment im slightly aimless. I know some basic syntax.

My copy of “Programming in LUA second edition” should come tomorrow so it may help me.

Good luck, you can never have enough coders. Also, if you haven’t already then you should download Notepad++ with the LUA Lexer and function list. It will really help you code.

I would download Sublime text editor 2 and the GMOD lua plugin for it, much better then N++

Is it, I’ll try.

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He wasn’t talking about this topic… He was talking about, genius

You can code for some gamemodes. Get Tiramisu since it’s free and try adding new classes, factions, items using templates.

I don’t know much about Tiramisu, but I certainly know that it’s a roleplay framework and dragging beginners into roleplay is like the worst thing ever. Not saying that it’s evil or anything, but we have already enough roleplayers like that, no need for more coders with terrible ideas that are unnecessarily complex and will never succeed.

Not sure OP is still reading this after a week but I’d recommend finding scripted tools or weapons that you like (preferably not stupid realistic bullet shooters that are ridiculously boring and simple to do), and figuring out how they work. Then just modify them and try to do silly things with them. Repeat that until you think you fully understand how everything works, and then start your own projects.

A made up gamemode can work as a list of nice templates for the man. There is also OA and some other stuff, Dark RP after all. I think it is the easiest to start when there are templates, so you can remember how it all is done.

Templates are bad. All you’ll learn from that is how to code plugins for those specific RP gamemodes, and you’ll learn it badly.
RP isn’t exactly the best kind of project for a beginner, because it’s so abstract and complex. Why are you trying to drag the poor guy into RP anyway? There are more original things to play with around here.

I find the best way to learn is to think of a task, possibly even a gamemode and break it down into different small sections of code that needs doing and keep working on it, you will pick up methods of doing thing and before you know it you will have a gamemode( probably bad) but you have something to show for you time