Good PVP and/or active players beware of this server.

The server Rustaholics|ActiveAdmin|1/14decay/2xres|1/2craft(IP: should be avoided by all Rust players looking for anything other than non-pvp environment with privledges for admins friends. Tonight, the server was rolled back to Tuesday because a popular server member had logged in and his house had decayed, along with a couple other members, and he wasnt happy about it. 3 other members(myself included) lost our 2 days of play, which were my days off so I had lots. After accepting there was nothing the admin would do for compensation of the rollback, me and my friend were playing decided to abandon the idea of big buildings, fearing future rollbacks. We instead took to PvP, which has been OKAYd by admins as"It’s Rust, you can kill people but expect them to have friends". well we staired up(foundation pillars stairs, nothing cheap) to the top floor of a base we were in a sniping fight in. broke in because they had wooden doors on their top floor. and stayed up there killing an admin and the player a couple times while fighting. Then the admin complained that using a barricade then medkit was cheap and not realistic. I pointed out multiple cases of non-realistic gameplay then we were banned.


Server=Rustaholics|ActiveAdmin|1/14decay/2xres|1/2craft(IP: is only friendly to admin friends and those who do not PvP against them. Doing so will be a ban if you are good at it.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread, missed the servers subforum" - postal))