Good roleplaying community

Hey guys, I was just wondering about a good Roleplaying community that I should try out. Any of you have a candidate?

good and roleplay don’t belong in the same sentence

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Clairvoyant Tiramisu Sci-Fi RP

DivineCircles, definitely. Been RPing there for a while and never had a problem.

After roleplaying in Garry’s mod for about 3 years, helping numerous communities, spending countless hours on events, running a ton of different roleplaying servers, seen a lot of the community, I’d say…


Every single server has problems, every single community has its faults.
No matter where you go, you’ll find drama, problems, unwanted situations and just plain idiocy at times.
No matter how friendly the server is, there is no exception.

My advise: Don’t get involved in “Communities”, go on servers and just try to have fun.
There are a lot of different servers out there to play on, why keep on one?
Especially as it usually leads to Drama and… yeah

So go out there, and have fun.

There are good servers that you’ll defend until you’re out of breath. Usually those servers are out of the way, obscure, or just home to a good enough staff to defend against the evils corrupting the large, popular servers these days.

Join a community, but join a good one. If you join a bad community, it may be hard to get out of it.

Trust me, Ive been in good ones.
Hell, I AM in a “good one” right now, but I know that it will soon be engulfed by drama and eventually die.
It happens with all communities sooner or later.
If the one you’re in has yet to hit that point, be happy.

Smaller servers have a larger life-span. Due to the lack of members, there’s less chance of drama or fighting.
Though, there are the “Massive” ones that just keeps on living, but I’m not even sure I can call them proper RP anymore.


I’m not here to talk down on peoples communities or even roleplaying (I enjoy Roleplaying quite alot), but It always ends like this.
I’m just suggesting not getting too attached, seeing it’ll most likely end bad in the end.
But until that happens, have fun.

RP is known to carry drama.

Afromana is actually correct.

Communities generally die from drama, the only way to survive is… hell there isn’t really…


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Since Quality Quaestors fixed the little reputation issue with selling operator access for 40€, one could argue that they are now pretty close to perfection.

From my experience they take roleplay very seriously, and they’ve got a really fair and structured administration.

Gravis Roleplay Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay if you’re willing to download an NPC pack and 2 playermodel packs, and rp_apocalypse if you don’t have it. Shamelessly advertising my server of course, but we rarely get above five players at once (max is 30) and we’re still rather new.

Try this server, its The Warriors , good admins good game play . It’s hl2rp but its serious rp .It’s a new server but its good .


Honestly, my beef with HL2 RP is that player actions don’t influence what happens in the global story at all; it’s all ready written in stone because it’s based off HL2. Same with Terminator RP, no matter how seriously you roleplay you won’t see a character named “Leeroy Jenkins” in one of the movies. Hell, on my server we have fucking Nazis because one of our dedicated members made it a group so often we added it under our “faction member” job (there are four jobs, Survivor, Faction Member, Merchant, and Medic. I’m thinking of scrapping medic because Merchants sell medkits anyways.). We’re serious, yeah, but I consider serious RP roleplaying seriously, not necessarily roleplaying something that is serious.

its not taco script RP its the nexus hl2rp(big difference)

theres only one terminator rp server… afaik

Actually there’s at least two. GGL and TnB. And peanut, it’s actually possible to make it so that citizens roleplay affects the storyline. No-one ever said that we’re actually going to follow the game storyline.

Fair enough but it’s a detail of it that really bothers me.

It’s not for everyone. But I actually believe it to be the gamemode with the least deathmatching and the most roleplay.