Good Roleplaying Server?

I’m looking for a good rolplaying server with the following requirements from my Garry’s Mod game. This is because every server I enter, I don’t have enough games for textures or anything else and it looks like a giant error message just entered my screen.

I’m also looking for a server that is like a city, with mayors, crime and stuff like that. That would be really fun.

These are the games I have:
Garry’s Mod
Half Life 2: Deathmatch

Please don’t just simply tell me to buy more games, because I have no access to Credit Card, PayPal, or any other online payment options. I was able to purchase Garry’s Mod and Half Life 2: Death-match with a Visa Credit Card, but I don’t feel like having to go through the Phone lines and all that stuff again.

If anybody can link me to a website or give me an IP Address to connect to the server, that would help out a lot.

Thanks in advance, RedAwsomeness.

get CSS or you cant rp

If you got those games with the promotions… You won’t get the textures. Buy Counter-Strike: Source to get the most stuff.

The Only One Would Have To Be Any Flatgrass Or Construct Server, You Can’t Easily RP W/O CS:s

Dont listen to them, RPing without CSS is AWESOME. I can tell if someone has a money when they have a big error sticking out the side of a wall. I also see guns as regular models but with a purple skin, so its easy to tell if someone is armed. Though, getting stuck on invisible objects does suck.

lol just use wallhax to see money printers i think

that is if garrys mod has vac which i dont know

Thats minging, not roleplaying.

You also have to remember that it could be a bookshelf for all I know. My way is atleast better than people making E2 chips to hone in on money.


Yeah I’ll probably just buy another gift card and do all the Visa stuff on the phone again if I have to…anyway I heard CS:S was a good game, so thats kind of a plus for paying $15 for skins and textures.

And yeah I got portal as a promotion, and everything works.

I bought HL2 DM and Garry’s Mod together though, wouldn’t have bought DM because I thought the game was standalone now, but Steam was telling me that I still needed a source code, so I only had enough money for the cheapest one.


You can join any hl2rp server, they usually don’t use CSS textures. :smiley:

well any links or IPs to hl2rp servers?

Any reason why you caps’ed the start of every word in that sentence?

Yeah I Enjoy Doing It :smiley:

so instead of actually answering my question you comment on other people’s posts…thanks?

Thats not minging


Yes, you will.

Yeah I know, I got the stuff for portal…Gmod just only checks if you have the game, not if you bought it (promotions). Anybody know any HL2 RP servers? If there aren’t any, I might just create my own…I’m getting my parent’s old XP computer and they said I could whatever I want with it, so I could run a 24/7 HL2 RP Server with it. Would just have to learn how to add the scripts and stuff like that into it.

Seeing something trough a wall is metagaming, Well seeing it is not, but taking advantage is.

I have a money printer/shipment wallhack, i also use scamming E2 scripts to piss off metagaming whistleblowers on RP servers.