Good RP maps?

Well, I’m starting an RP server soon, with Tacoscript, and I was wondering if anyone knows any maps that would fit a nuclear apocalypse roleplay, with a small settlement surrounded by either a very large dark forest, or an icy mountain. Also, another good thing would be if the map were to have scattered buildings in the wilderness.

Yes, I do happen to know a map that fits your fairly specific description exactly, in fact so specific that it almost seems like a request.

P.S. Use rp_cscdesert_v2-1_propfix

hmm… The desert theme doesn’t seem to fit the style of RP I’m after.
Something more of a snowy map or forest map would work fine.

Forest + snow = nuclear apocalypse?

Well, I’m looking for a more Russian look. My server rp will be based around the Russian combine and citizens after a nuclear fallout.
Russian doesn’t really have deserts. :smiley:

Combine aren’t russian, silly :v:
And HL2 takes place in Bulgaria. :smiley:


Relating to your question. None exist from what I know. Not many post apocolyptic RP maps out there, and the few ones that are, are not RP maps. Only csc desert is one.

Well, as far as I know, the combine took over the entire world, including Russia.
I’m not exactly looking for an Apocalyptic map, but more of a large forest or mountain map, with some buildings.

Hl2 is in a generalized Eastern Europian area, so no one really knows what country C17 is located in. Hell, I doubt there are even territories like that in that time period.

I know it’s Eastern Europe, but City 17 architecture is based on Bulgarian architecture, the city itself based mostly on the city Sofia, Bulgaria. Besides english, the graffiti and signs are written in Bulgarian, as well as Russian and Serbian (all written in Cryllic lettering though)

Do not forgett the Swedish gas pumps…

Did it not occur to anyone in this thread that he might not care about following HL2 surface canon absolutely 100%. I say surface because there is unimaginable amount of events that led up to where we started in HL2. The thought that the events exist in only one part of the world and absolutely no one else ever saw what was going on is quite honestly retarded. The situation is global and with some imagination it can be bent in to any location and what might have happened there differently.

I think it is hard to give a location to HL2. It has elements from all over the place. I don’t think it is unfair to assume all these kind of came together sheerly because in such a time nobody really cares all that much about where things come from. I will admit a lot of the elements do lean to one area in particular, but did it not occur to you that just because this is earth, it doesn’t have to be our earth, or in our timeline at all. The entire thing could be purely fictional, and this is something many many people don’t seem to grasp when they are reading a story somewhat based upon what we have now.

Another thing to remember is that the original plans for half life 2 were a lot more fucked up, infinitely more so, and the settings were also far more global and vastly different. There was going to be deserts, arctic areas and much more. After they had to rethink a lot of things, their old ideas might simply have merged into one final package, that really doesn’t seem to have any secure hold on to a real place. There is also the possibility that the places, vehicles, items etc were simply chosen for artistic value.

We all know that the half life story has been patched over and twisted and generally fucked up all over the place because they wanted to lead it into different areas than it might at first have allowed. We hardly know any about the story because I am almost positive that those gaps simply don’t have any filling. It hasn’t been decided yet, nobody knows what strange things might have happened to end up this way. The environment may be a direct reflection of this, just a big bunch of elements from all over that have come together to make an interesting locale and story.

It makes it much better if it’s something we can relate to. If we can we will. Hence everyone assumes it’s our earth. I for one have a more to hell with it it’s someone elses planet why should I save it attitude towards planets that are not the earth, even when I’m playing as a character whose homeplanet it is.

Woo! Derailed thread!
one of my favorite maps.

Umm… Overworld? Read the first post…

Getting kinda off topic. Notice I didn’t title the thread, ‘HL2 lore’.

Or… it’s Belgium…

And sorry I can’t help you with your RP map search… one just doesn’t exist yet. So… up, up and away!

[quote=“GraffitiRTST, post:6, topic:3707”]

Combine aren’t russian, silly :v:
And HL2 takes place in Bulgaria. :smiley:


Relating to your question. None exist from what I know. Not many post apocolyptic RP maps out there, and the few ones that are, are not RP maps. Only csc desert is one.[/I think hl2 is set in america as they have american vioces yes i know its made in america but they would do russian/east europe vioces]


evocity2 use it
i love it but it really unstable though


Brilliant map by a brilliant mapper.