Good RP servers?

does anyone know any good rp servers? with hardly any minges or just good admins. or if you know any groups with private servers can you help me get in contact with them? im fed up of darkrp and i dont know what gamemodes are just fucked up darkrp’s.

Well, there is a few on RP_cscdesert, all of which have the word desertia in the title. In one of them, I’m an antlion worker. It’s a fun little couple of servers, but most of them barely have any slots for players.

Damn right,, runs GmodRp, very good admins.

kk thanks for the help. il check em out when my bandwidth is reset.

i live on an island so 2mb connection with a 40gb allowance. used to be 20 but the amount of complaints going in crushed them.

I go on there, when you have a few decent RPers it can be good. And most of the admins are good, except one.

He may not be an admin for much longer, I hear…

That server is epic by the way.

TnB is the best.

I play there a lot even though I have my own server! They are a great community and if you want serious RP they are starting to play passive on their serious server.

Live in fear is a fallout Rp and it is really fun

PERP - play there i dont play on MY OWN server anymore since i joined. Really good servers and are completeley difrent from DarkRp in every possible way, exept that its still the same game (garry’s mod).

My friend and I are also running a GmodRP server, is there anything, anything at all, like any addons or items that make the game better?

We recently switched our name to Desertrend to avoid any confusion, as Desertia is a different community.
I WOULD raise the player limit, but I see no need for it yet.

FAN is my personal favorite. Really it depends on who’s online. Normally there’re an admin or two on and it runs on rp_oviscity_gmc4, though it switches to hometown_2000 sometimes. I’ve heard that it switches to downtown_v2 a few times as well.

WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! You actually like FAN Rp? ALl the little kids and minges!!! Ah well… My friend is admin on that server… used to be part owner until he accidently unbanned some minge that wantts to attack the server. Ya it’s alright when there’s good players on. And it’s REALLY funny when you have those little kids you try to RP but suck horribly at it and eventually get banned over it.

Don’t think of perp as rp. I like it for the government jobs. Those are fun. Not the actual roleplay where passive rp comes in effect.

This thread is 4 weeks old :ohdear: So maybe the OP is not looking at this thread?

Try Bam’s Dark RP. They have a lot of servers and their site is located here:

Here’s the ip: