Good RPs impossible?

Are there ACTUALLY any good rp game mods the few ive played dont seem all that great

Have you tried PERP? Pulsar Effect Roleplay both Serious and Lite?

no, why should i?

With the good people, everything is possible.

tell you what ill try it, ive yet to find a RP that isent filled with selfish people maybe ive found the right RP

People are selfish, welcome to the world.

Anyway, how do selfish people ruin RP? I’m awesomely selfish and consider myself a pretty good RPer. :stuck_out_tongue:

well random killing over and over propkilling its usually the one person, i mean i just started RP now i find some ass being a git, besides i can just shoot him and thats that delt with cause they usaly stop after being killed themselves

Propkilling isn’t selfish. It’s just noobish.

Also good RPs are very possible. With good RPers.

This is a redundant topic…

You can’t RP with mingebags. Its best to grab a group of friends you already know or well known RPers, set up a good set of rules, pick a solid map and just RP yourselves to death. If anyones a dick, kick them. Joining a public server and expecting a realistic toned RP is hardly gonna work out.

It’s not about the gamemodes, its about the community itself.
Pity is that the gamemodes generally have very bad, or short-lived communities.

now you come to mention that i agree with you i only rp a little at a time so minges dont really bother me too much

My server is serious is you want you can join it pm me for ip.

and its not like there are abusing admins because they never join the server XD

Admins that are never on?

That’s not a good thing.

I think I found what is known has pure rp. It is badmsed on the halo universe and you can be a ODST or a navy. thet use alot of /me. they have medic rp everything they have good events good missions and a good map

Its called fwrp ODST forgot the ip try to find it and hang out when pepole are on and rp.

Have fun

There is no such thing as good or bad RP because you can’t get everyone to do what you might want them to do. Whether that be:

  • RP
  • Minge
  • Other

Neither the script nor the admin make the RP good or bad - the closest thing is whether the players choose to cooperate or not on any given day.

The scripts could do with some evolution though, of course.

It’s Halo based, so no, it’s not good RP, and will be full of kids who want to be “M4st3r CH13FZZzz!”

Well the situation is pretty grim at the moment, but here’s my take on the servers:

GMod RP was supposed to herald in a new age of RP, but it has sort of…disappeared for the moment.

The situation you’re describing there can be achieved in DarkRP, but it requires intelligent and strict administrators and a playerbase that knows how to RP, not just in theory, but in practice too.

I don’t really frequent that many other RP servers like the ones you are requesting, but HGN Stalker RP( and MeteorNet( have good admins and dedicated players.

sounds cool, if anything i play more rp then sandbox cause i dont know alot of smart building know how


some days ill be all like “well this is going well” then it falls apart cause of a prop blocker or killer

Ummmm no Its filled with mature pepole that its fun not to be M4st3r CH13FZZzz Dont flame unless you’ve been there. Most everyone is either Navy ODST or a medic just join and wait if there are no events going on. Its really fun if you enjoy the story BTW noone can even become General. just join and have fun.

Yeah, there really is nothing to be said here that hasn’t already been said. I really hate when people flame about DarkRp because of the stupid minges that take advantage of it. I am actually Admin and Co-creator of a DarkRp server, but we have good Admin and Serious Rp’ers. I really think that the script makes little difference to the maturity of the players.