Good Scene Build Materials Needed.

I’m wondering if there are any links that provide good road textures or building facades that could get quick scenes set up. I’m pretty tired of just trying to seek out the maps and looking for a precise location for me to set up a pose I have in mind.


Im also looking for some good materials.
Mostly for walls or like caboose asked streets.


Well PHX3 shit is really helpfull.

L4D2 stuff is also really nice.(If you managed to port/make the props work ofc).

Alright thanks for the tipp.
Gonna see if I can find some usefull stuff from L4D2.

Av3nger(Or was it Aveng3r?) ported all the shit from L4D2, its somewhere around the Release section on Models&Skins.

Yeah I already downloaded it but never used it cause I tought its useless. :smug:

It’s all in the hl2/CSS/DoD folders in the browser.

wrong section I would think.

When I make my larger scenebuilds, I use PHX for everything.

So, for example, if you want to make a road, I would suggest starting out with the appropriately sized PHX plate, then using some 1xY plates, colored white and yellow, for lines. As far as materials go, try being creative with the in game ones. Recoloring your material coated PHX plates can kinda help them resemble something else. For example, you might try a plasterwall texture, on a plate colored black.

As Santz said, L4D props are good for props and stuff in your builds. HL2 is good for things like columns, debris, and decorations. HL2 also has some full size buildings. Lost coast has some great columns.