good scoreboard for sandbox with player playtime ?

we’re running a sandbox server and I’m looking for a scoreboard that also shows the playtime of each player.
can anyone recommend something?

I’m also willing to pay for it, since I saw some good ones on scriptfodder but not all of them seem to have playtime.

Vermilion 2 is good.

you mean this?

we’re using ULX as admin mod and our staff is trained with it, so I’m guessing its not compatible with it?

Thank you! :wink:

That was actually a question.

Vermilion 2 does not have a scoreboard.

There is the SUI scoreboard which comes with support for UTime and the ability to track the players time spent on the server. Here is the link : - Tracks players time in a H (hours) format - Tracks players time in a WDHMS (week/day/hour/minutes/seconds) format

You can also find the UTime addon here :