Good Server Host?

Hey guys, right now I’m looking for a good, cheap Garry’s Mod server host. Right now I’m using NuclearFallout which is pretty good, but I was just wondering if there are any better ones that you may recommend.

BudgetVM’s SSD Linux VPS 1536MB plan is probably the best you can get. It’s $11/mo for basically anything you would want to do in a Garry’s Mod server.

I’ve gone very in-depth on this topic, and I’ve found that this server is the best price to performance you can find.

Shit, sorry to waste your time, but I actually meant Garry’s Mod hosts. I know I didn’t put that in the post but I just did. Sorry, but thanks anyway!

Wrong section but other than NFO I would go with ElpisHost. There CP isn’t as noob friendly but on the other hand their servers are higher quality and so it their support. They are also cheaper the more player slots you pay for. Stick with NFO if you are kinda new to hosting though.


I am aware you were talking about Garry’s Mod hosts, you can run a source server (any server basically) on a VPS.

How exactly can one do this? New to this VPS hosting. I’ve had many servers with these guys, not just Garry’s Mod, and I have NEVER been disappointed.