Good server host?

I was thinking
$12.45 a month, are there better ones? I don’t have much money so i’d want under $15 a month.

Multiplay is pretty decent

FPS is good

I’ve heard good things about gameservers, plus they’re probably the cheapest option. Multiplay makes you pay extra to take the stupid branding off of your server title.

My Rust server was with

Very fast setup/support. I haven’t had any real issues to speak of with them. I hosted out of Dallas and everything was smooth and fast as expected.

Plus they’re cheap. Win.

BMRF servers is my favorite. Fast, great service, DDOS protection, was never down.

I also used FPS which I found to be too laggy and always being DDOS attacked leading to down time.
I aslo had Nitrous networks which was great but they decided to stop hosting int he USA so I had to find another server host which led me to BMRF.

Having extremely good experience with gameservers.