Good Server Mods, Anyone?

Hi I just started a server. I was just wondering if you you guys can help me find some good server mods.
I’m looiking for owner/admin mods, building mods (stuff like wire mod), and other stuff that should go on it.

Please provide links.

Oh and one quick question:
Do you have to install server mods diferntly or do you just have to put them in the garrysmod addons folder in srcds?



Evolve for admin’in
Wire for Wire’in
Adv Dupe 2 for copy pasta"in
Easy Precision for easy’ness
Weight, stacker, smart weld,fin, keypad, and Smart Freezer
Falcos prop protection for protect’in
PlayX for youtube’in

These are just the things that my server runs.

I run on Nfoservers using an FTP, so I imagine it’s close to the same, Just put the addons in the Addons folder in Gmod/Gmod folder, should work just fine.

Any ideas of addons to RP server?