"Good shoot" marines in irak





Garrysmod 9 shouldn’t be used to pose things nowadays.

Gmod 9? :buddy:

Well, this is pretty awful, bad posing, empty map, and well, yeah Gmod 9.

“Good shoot”

Good shot.

pwnd i just realized that since you said that

The posing looks weird on the gunner.

There’s a lot of really empty space.

The posing is pretty good.

Also lol Gmod 9.

i think its spelled iraq

in spain is diferent =/

Good photo
The explosion could look better…

Why not?

Gmod 9 posing still shits all over that of gmod 10.

You made it worse.

dont_buffer_my_pylon 1



Irak? Where is that?

Gmod 9 still has an incredibly better physgun for posing.

good spelling /sarcasm it’s iraq

yea this thread is full of engrish why cant this dude spell iraq right