Good small (preferably cheap) host for Rust?

I plan on running my own server for me, my wife, and a few friends to play on. We won’t be actively preventing people from joining our server (though if it becomes a problem, that fabulous whitelist option will come into play) but we’re not exactly going to be advertising it to draw in a lot of people either.

I’ve dabbled with running servers in other games, but I never rented a server because I could simply run them on one of my other machines. Obviously, at this point, that’s not an option for rust. I’m used to having control over as much as possible, so I’d prefer a host that let me access as many mods/configurations as possible. Anyone have any good advice?

Your wife?! She’s a keeper!

She saw me playing a lot and goes “Can I play?” “Sure, I’ll try and find us a server with PvE server so we don’t have to worry about being ganked.” “… What’s the fun in that? I want to be able to kill some people!”

I love her sooo much.

Sadly the server we were on went under. Having different bases to raid amongst friends seems the funner idea to us than going on a random server with possibly cheating admins/etc. If it grows without attracting a lot of hackers/etc great! If not, we’ll wall it off. It’ll still be a fun place for us. That’s the goal anyways.

Fpsplayers, good hosting, cheap and has a very good support team. Its better than htb

I’m currently being hosted by HFBServers - These are fairly good depending on the support you need.

For example; my server had some crashing issues at some point - this took around 1 week for them to even look into (bit of a pain in the ass).

As you mentioned you aren’t looking to populate your server, I doubt you’d need any support so HFB might be ideal for you.

In fpsplayers, they fix it in 1 or 2 days

I’ll look into fpsplayers, I’ve heard some bad stuff about HFB. I’m also looking at has anyone heard of or tried them before?

Nitrous network. 50 players online, no lag but support takes some hours…

Support on fpsplayers is in less than 1 hour, and has same things as nitrous

I’m with and they are good. Took a little while to set up the server but after that no problems at all. I think you get a discount if some one refers you.

I’m giving serious thought since it is an exceptionally low cost (literally half of most of the others), but that lower cost is actually making me a little hesitant. I again also ask how are the server controls for them? How are they with mods? etc.

The server controls are a little lacking with their control panel but I just use a rcon admin tool called rusty. It allows me to ban, kick, and in other words do everything I need to. They are acquiring oxide which has all the mod plugins. I can send you a screen shot of their control panel.

That would be incredibly helpful!

Can I get a email. Don’t know how to send pics on the forum upload the picture there, then just copy the link and post it here. Nice simply solution, doesn’t require making an account or exposing e-mails, etc.






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Thank you very much Willy, this was exactly what I needed. I think I will use them. I’ll use that referral link as well.

Glad I could help