Good solution idea to add defense against raiders..

Okay, it IS too easy to raid bases and towers and shacks even with a well planned 50 metal door base.

I think we can all agree on that.

  • And I think I have a simple, almost perfect solution that can be added to give logged off base occupants a fighting chance.

Get this…

Add a rare blueprint to the game. One is all that is needed to make raiders think twice, to even the odds a little.

That blueprint is a “Locked Trap Storage Box”. Oh wait, let’s add two new blueprints. One “Locked Trapped Storage Box” which looks EXACTLY like the standard wooden box. And a new Large Locked Trapped Storage Box" which of course looks exactly like the large storage box.

Each of these boxes is simply a trap. Raiders search it and not only get blown up, killed regardless of armor and health, but also the box takes EVERYTHING that raider was carrying and wearing and instantly “locks”, and can only be opened by the box owner/builder. Why? Because a simple trap box that explodes and kills the raider will leave a corpse that the raider or his buddies can loot and still easily get everything from the base they are raiding plus their own supplies back. The trapped lockable storage box is at least going to give the victim something to fall back on. The raiders likely will still get much more then the victim… especially if they are lucky enough to not open any trap boxes. But this will give logged off base owners a fair play and a hope that all is not lost while they are are unable to defend their base.

I dunno, that’s my idea to even the odds a little bit, and make raiding a base that is defenseless a lot more risky. I mean a raider might go into a loot room, or what they believe is the loot room which has a sleeping bag, furnace and all, and actually be fooled because every single box in there is a trap box. Perhaps the real loot was all on the boxes right inside the first wall they blew in, but the raiders blew 5 doors/walls away to get to the middle room, only to waste C4 and get owned by the offline base owner. Now the base owner has his 52 C4’s and all his Kevlar gear and assault rifle since the raider over-confidently over equipped himself. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, what do you all think? Good idea? Horrible idea? Let me know, but I just think it would help balance the game a little. And it would definitely add suspense and RISK to the over confident raiders in this game.

Is this leading up to Rust turning into a dungeon crawler with Mimics around every corner? Honestly the whole trapping of chests thing seems a bit unnecessary. Traps will most likely be added eventually, and having a chest that explodes in your face seems to be a danger to you, should you forget it’s meant to explode in your face.

As the game is set-up of alpha testing, there is a lack of depth of content, and it doesn’t take long to reach end-game. Never-the-less, I don’t agree that its too easy to raid. Read on…

You spend your time collecting resources to build a base big enough for 50 metal doors. That’s 10,000 metal fragments right there, let alone all the wood for the rest of the base. Somebody else put all his (or more likely, their) time in to building explosive charges to blow them down. A purely defensive strategy is not going to work in this game. Instead of turtling up in the faux safety of your 50-door fortress, you need to be taking the fight to the enemy. Harassment and interdiction. Slow him down, give him other problems to worry about.

I mean, if raiding is so easy, it wouldn’t be hard for you to raid him and get your stuff back, right?

I logged in just to tell you that this is literally the worst idea I’ve ever heard suggested for rust.

Okay maybe you have a point there. But with that, I ask a new question. Should the game tell you who raided your home? Who broke down your walls/doors? Or at the least, if you are logged off and killed in your sleep, shouldn’t the game tell you “You have been slain by GrumpyOldMan” and perhaps if they blew up your sleeping bag, “You have been slain by GrumpyOldMan. Your Last Camp Spot has been destroyed By: EvilEyed”. (obviously the names I put in just for example).

…Or would this just be problematic as it would almost surely lead to more whining and crying on the game chat channel? It would be nice to know who messed you up in your sleep at the least I think, but I can definitely see the bad side to it. But then again, anyone that would whine “You Blankety Blank GrumpyOldMan, I’m gonna crush your head with my rock” on the chat would also cry “WHO KILLED ME!!!” as well.


easily countered by sending a naked team mate to check all the boxes 1st…

IMO raiding is too easy. Airdrops shouldn’t drop C4, that supposed to be food and water. The ability to research explosives needs to be easier too… as in a chest/zombie drop, but the cost of C4 and/or amount required needs to be increased. Everyone should have the opportunity to craft C4 but just needs to be less effective.

a “locked” box that, when opened, immediately kills the victim and takes all their loot and puts it inside the box? how does this idea make any sense at all?

Okay, why?

Is it because you raid 10 houses a day and don’t want that risk? Are you one the ones that runs from a fair fight in the game (ie bases which have online defenders) and seek defenseless bases for easy loot?

If that’s not your reasoning to say this is “the dumbest idea ever” then please explain why it is the most retarded idea ever. :wink:

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Excellent point. Thumbs up for that.

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About the same amount of sense as zombies walking around, or pigs and deer dropping chicken breasts and cloth vs leather. And just much sense as a zombie taking only 2 axe chops to kill, but a wolf taking 5 or 6 from the same weapon. :wink:

I was about to make a huge wall of text, but then realized that it doesn’t matter because this retarded idea will never make it into the game.

You keep saying that. Okay so you think it’s “retarded”. I asked for a good reason besides the fact you don’t want any risk while you raid bases yourself. And you simply respond with “It’s DUMB!” again. Uhh, okay.

Say’s who? There is no back-story to Rust. So, if you wake up naked on a radioactive zombie infested island with psychotic neighbours, no real reason to assume the Hercs that drop stuff have your best interests at heart. Maybe someone’s just fucking with you.

Explosive charges are already very expensive to make, at least relative to other items in the game. They are probably the most expensive item.

but what if the naked men are the explosive boxes cue dramatic music

Simple way to avoid that. Have friends come with you, put down a sleeping bag, give your stuff to the friends, and you just open the creates, so you lose nothing. This won’t solve shit.

LOL. Funny thought. BOOM! C4 replaced by naked noob-clone self detonating bombs targeting base walls and doors, hahaha.

Personally, I think it should not tell you, because that seems like magical information that cant be justified by any of the game worlds rules.

But, my point really was, its not harder for you to raid than anyone else, and that a purely defensive strategy is a rather poor one. There is nothing stopping you from raiding other people, and you will never perfectly stop other people raiding you. What you need to do it get a strategy that leads to a net profit from what you win from raiding versus what you lose from being raided.

At the moment, this is no game for either altruists or isolationists.

Great point, thank you for reasoning.

Okay, IF you believe that it is too easy for raiders as I believe, then what could help balance or protect bases from raiders while offline? I mean besides playing the game 24/7 and having no real life? Some kind of self blasting machine gun turrets much like the old Command & Conquer games? Or maybe the solution is as many have suggested… just make C4 much harder to obtain or much less effective against metal doors and walls.

This is how my friends and I raid. Just drop crates and sleeping bags near our target. If we die, gear up and go again.

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If you want to ‘defend’ against raiders. don’t build gigantic bases that scream ‘WE HAVE ALL THE LOOTS!!!’ Just build small 1 or 2 square bases and keep your gear spread out all over the place. it’s hard to lose everything if you don’t keep it in one place.

On christmas, I put coal in all of my crates.

I put 1 can of tuna into each crate I loot…