"Good spot for kill" - Assasin observerving area.

Hahahahaha. Was not expecting that.

Fucking awesome!!!
But its the soldier D:


He was…
Before some MAGGOTS betrayed him…

now he’s an assasin.

This is great.

You should’ve made the scout instead of the soldier, but that’s just my opinion

he’s way tiny. and he don’t look badarse in hood.

Looks amazing, none the less.

This is hilarious, yet awesome at the same time.

Awesome man, just plain awesome.

That… is pretty epic.

That is just plain awesome.

Holy shit.
I wnat that model :smug:

Awesome job :golfclap:


Is that a real model or is it just shopped


Looks good Kari. Especially with the hood, cape and shoulder pad I fixed up for you.

hahaha great idea! And well pulled off.

that is sweet.

More like Sezio. Nice picture.