Good Spy is a dead Spy

"Good Spy is a dead Spy" (с)

I think you mean “the only good spy is a dead spy”.

Could do with a bit more gore if he’s just punched straight through him.


Pure brilliance.


yeah i just went there, hopefully someone who’s been here long enough to get it will show up

Did you really just put a Copyright to that saying.

Picture’s pretty cool though.

Doesn’t have the I-just-punched-a-hole-in-you feel. It just looks like a gunslinger nocollided through the spies chest to me, sorry.

Were can i find the robot hand of the Engineer?

I appear to have a protruding metal fist in my chest.

Now spin the arm!

Ironic, an engie backstabbing a spy. I can see it before my eyes… Spy standin’ there over a sentry, SUDDENLY an engie bursts out of the shadows- penetrating the poor spy’s spine with the line “Lemme give you a hand!”. He should be holding his french little heart!