good starter gamemode.

i have been learning Lua for a while now and i think i’m ready. can anybody suggest a good gamemode i should code as my first. something not too hard or big, and i don’t mind if it’s been done before. i won’t be releasing it.

thank you very much in advance

Gamemodes are on the more difficult end of Garry’s Mod scripting. Make sure you understand SENTs, SWEPs, and Gamemode hooks. But as far as suggestions, I recommend making a simple fretta gamemode. Remake a fun minigame you’re played before.

well as previously stated i think i’m ready. i have made a weapon from scratch(except models) and a radio.

but thank you i guess i could try remaking something from fretta

Well the jump from entities to gamemodes is huge, but I guess you’ll just have to go by feel to see what you are capable of.

there is heaps of support. for the very few things i can’t find in the wiki, i can ask about on these forums.

anyway i have decided to make a jeep football gamemode.i think it will be relatively easy.

Few things you can find? If you know how to use the wiki properly, you should be able to find everything.
This can be helpful:

sorry, mistype, i meant can’t

why was i not banned for wrong forum?

You can get banned for anything here, but generally it’s only for a day as a warning. So don’t worry about it and be more careful.