Good starter projects?

Hey FP community! I’m fairly new to GLua and would like ideas for starter projects I can practice and get better on. I understand most of the syntax and scripting. But I just can’t think of something simple I could make as practice. All ideas are appreciated! Also please state on a scale of 1 - 10 how hard that project would be. I made a simple gamemode that has about 500 lines of code in total which wasn’t to hard and that helped my GLua skills out a lot.

Depends on ‘what floats your boat’.

I started playing with lua by making a hack, then I kept expanding it until I’ve reached the limit of what I would pack into it.

I’m interested in making sweps but fairly new as well. What would you recommend?

I’d say for CGHippo, try something out of your comfort zone.

I’ve made an aimbot using util.TraceLine and looking up the bone so I’m really not looking into making anything like hacks. I’ve learned how to off of tuts and all. Thank you for the idea though!

Decompile simple addons and see how they work, then try to make something on your own.

> i did that before
> readed whats in the swep
> found a really nice exploit
> told it to owner
> he said he will fix it
> he didnt fix it.
raping people from really far away since 2013

I started our learning GLUA about a year to year 1/2 ago. Now Im making A TTT loadout system.

LUA is a simple language and once you know it, you will be amazed at what you can make.

I started out by looking at the “How to make a ULX command” on YouTube. I later started looking at addons and looking at the code. Because LUA is a simple language, most of the stuff in the code came to me. I later started looking at the wiki and started making my own stuff. My first ever project was an admin panel. It had gag, mute, etc. In one menu for new staff members who don’t know how to use chat commands and don’t feel like looking through !menu for the command.

Either way, look through code, look at the wiki (It sounds stupid but it will be your best friend) and if you need help, not be scared to post in the developer discussion!

Thanks for the response. I’ll look at doing that.


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