Good to in at the begining BUT....

Rust has promise…its a fact.
But a few suggestions for anyone interested…let me just scramble up on my soapbox…

Food…lets face it, you can do a bit of farming and before you know it, your starving to death. It just goes down way too quick. Maybe starting off with a full health bar might be nice…or have berry bushes (these might exist but I haven’t found them after hours of playing.
Resources…this has come up a lot, but finding stone is close to impossible…which is annoying when there is so much rocky terrain about. Maybe more stone sites or…veins of usable resources in the rocky terrain.
I know scarcity is a major factor in such a game, but when it makes the creative side of the game so laborious its a bit of a downfall in the game as a whole.
(Hehehe…as I’m writing this someone is caving my head in with a rock…sigh.)

Wood…ok, wood is without a doubt at the moment the easiest resource to gain…so with all this wood about, ur telling me I can’t make a spear!!! WTF. Or a club…bet ur bottom dollar that in the event of mass break down of society the first thing people will do is grab sticks to defend themselves…or generally beat each other about with.

Shacks…yes I know its only in alpha but I’m hoping that the whole empty sheds laying about all over the place will end…or at least, let us break them up for resources…recycling is the mainstay of survival.

thats it for now…off to respawn.

food is the easy club a boar you got food. if your having problems getting food then your on a high pop server and everyone is trying to get the most stuff in the shortest period of time. so when they can’t find food they will have some in storage.

resources are only a problem on high pop servers change servers. the map can easily support 50 people not a hundred and fifty.

shacks are only a problem on a high pop server change to a low pop server. less people means less shacks which means better server lag.

happy respawn.

Like the guys said above, this game is about survival. Food should IMO go faster. I have huge stockpiles of food. So much I use it to heal rather than medkits. Just spend a ingame day of farming food and you good to go for a long while.

Resources, again like he said. On low pop servers 1-30 people. The resources are overwhelming easy to come by. Huge amounts of wood, stone, and metal. I personally would like to see resources reworked. Put my metal and sulfer in their own nodes with the chance to drop stone. Then put the vast majority of the metal/sulfer nodes into the mountains.

Shacks, again are only a problem on high pop server or servers that piss people off. But the Devs added a thing called Decay to get rid of these.

If you need a low pop server, send me a message and I’ll guide you to one.

What those guys said, though getting firewood at least from shacks isn’t a bad idea…

Lol slow down the hunger? The hunger has already been brought down so much. When I played during the web browser you could maybe get like 5 rocks and then you are dying of hunger. It is perfectly fine now. You can easily get enough resources for a campfire, shack, stone hatchet, and food from boars to cook before you will die. Also when I played wood was the most scarce thing in the game lol…

Did you not read the Early Access?

Things are subject to change, be patient.