Good to see there's douchebags on toybox already

There’s a toybox entity called “epic sax guy” that is triggering everyone’s antimalware engines.

Actually,that damn script creates a html panel to direct you to,a damn troll javascript controlled page to move your window around and rickroll you.
Since garrysmod is creating a html page inside a game,it will just trigger antimalware engines.
It is indeed a troll entity,and it should be removed.

Just used it 2 min before you said anything about it, god fucking damnit.

I almost used it but was distracted by the ZPS melee weapons, thank fuck.

I used it and nothing bad happened to me. :raise:

I was actually thinking about seeing what it was too.

I got the Epic Vuvuzela one is that bad D:

I used it… but i got the epix sax guy not a rick roll

Lucky me for only downloading stuff that looks completely decent…

Shiiiit, I almost clicked it, but I forgot about it because a poison zombie pushed over a unfrozen piece of a cage floating in the air that I built which hit me in the back of the head.

Good thing it’s called “epic sax guy” as almost anything with epic in the title is a shit entity anyways.

It was bound to happen though., which the ToyBox is replacing, is made of a large portion of trolls and douches.

Hopefully garry will notice, if he hasn’t already, that the ToyBox is gonna need moderation.

Are you seriously saying that toybox isn’t moderated? Holy…

At least it isn’t actually dangerous. Though, I will agree on the fact that ToyBox needs moderation.

more moderation you mean…

You get what I mean.

Edit: Oh great, they banned me. Apparently I’m a douchebag for some reason.

html panels should be blacklisted in toybox, I dont see any other use for them on entities or SWEPs rather than “loliplaymusicboomboxlol”.

There’s also one named “This will destroy u!” which crashes your game, then crashes your computer.
My screen just stays black now…

I saw something (not sure if it was entity or weapon) that was a “Garry’s Mod Crasher”. Should be removed.

I’ve tried it, iirc it’s actually a joke entitiy that makes a huge Garrysmod sign land where you’re standing and it imbeds itself into the ground like a headcrab cannister.