Good to see you on the right side......

(its a little low, so turn it up if you want)

I was posing my men apprehnding some Taliban docuhebags and posed these two guys watching as the walked by on their hourly patrol. I’m sorry I couldn’t help it-they looks so cool!


Posing seems fine, just next time step back and zoom in so the FoV looks better.

Alrighty, I’ll do that next time. Thank you Bloocobalt.

Your fingerposing could be a bit better. The masked guy’s pistol grip is clipping through his hand, and Nick’s barely touching his rifle with either hand.

Otherwise, not too shabby. You’re definitely getting better.

He’s not wearing a blue helmet, must be the badass.

Glad you two like it.
Yeah I’ll try to work on that Ostriches. The U.N.'s hands are still new to me. And i also was using no restricted axis. Gotta practice a bit more with that.