Good tools for a noob.

I fiddled some with gmod before and now I’ve come back. And one thing I remembered was that I had alot of sTools/sWEP’s… Infact a little too much of them. Now I want you guys to give me tips on the ‘gotta-have’ stools and sweps so I dosent have to download every little stool just to find a handful of good ones.

Vanilla tools are good enough.

Weight, maybe.

Smart Snap
Door Stool
No Collide for world
Anti-Noclip stool <—I use that one from time to time

As for Sweps
All of Kermites guns are good
Buddy Finder Swep <— Very Handy if your friends have it as well.

Thanks for your fast answer :slight_smile:

Not a Problem

i like the NPC spawner stool!

by the wey what do youned the smart snap 4?

If I understand you correctly you are wondering what the Smart Snap is good for?

It’s used to build straight and nice contraptions. You get a wireframe ‘coating’ on props you weld on and you can snap to it by pressing ‘e’. Very good tool. Used it alot before my break and downloaded it first now when I started again.

Hit the nail on the head :slight_smile:

Hehe :slight_smile: