Good tutorials on HDR?

Anyone knows any good tutorials/video tutorials on how to work with HDR?

Didn’t find anything on interlopers, and i don’t trust youtube, mostly because of some peoples carving… :ohdear:

What does carving possibly have to do with HDR, all hdr is is an enabled checkbox in the export window. If you are talking about colour correction then google is your place.


i meant youtube is a bad place for hammer tutorials.

If you havn’t seen that video on a guy making terrain with carving, you wouldn’t understand

also, hdr isn’t that easy, looks shitty if you don’t make it properly, i think :ohdear:

What map are you planning on applying HDR to?

None at the moment.

Does it matter?

I’m going against the grain here, but in my opinion it does.

To enable HDR in a map you have to check the box next to HDR in the pre-compile window. After the map is compiled, you have to build cubemaps ingame with HDR turned on and then with HDR turned off. Use the console command ‘mat_hdr_enabled <#>’ to turn HDR on and off.

Light entities have both a normal and HDR brightness setting. Generally, the HDR brightness is best set at about half as bright as the normal brightness. You may want to use the sky_list article on the Valve Developer Community for skybox brightness/HDR brightness and ambient/HDR ambient settings.

To use an HDR skybox, go to the map properties in Hammer and add ‘_HDR’ to the skybox name. The basic effect of having an HDR skybox is it will glow more brightly when you look at it - especially after you’ve been in a dark area.

How is that relevant? He is only asking for instructions on using HDR.

This is exactly what i’ve been looking for. :3:


Everyone in this thread so far has failed to mention the env_tonemap_controller entity which is the vital one for making HDR non-shitty.

You can leave the light entities with their HDR settings at the default values and easily get away with it, but you need to set up the tonemapper correctly everytime you use HDR.

place one in your map, and give it a name, then go in game and fiddle with the inputs (especially SetBloomScale <float> SetAutoExposureMax <float> SetAutoExposureMin <float>) using the ent_fire console commands until you find something that looks good. Some vaguely helpful suggestions can be found here:

Nice, thanks :buddy: