Good vehicle downloads?

Ok i do not know if this is the right place but oh well…

So, like the title says, im thinking about downloading a vehicle pack, so which one should i get?

This one,

Yes it’s an SVN.

ok can you tell me the vehicles, i mean i know there are a lot, but tell give me a general idea of what to expect.


but give me a general idea*

Well, There’s some GTA San Andreas ports, some military vehicels, HL2 buggy re-models, HL2 vehicle re-sizes, some real life vehicles, some misc weird vehicles. etc.

Theres alot of cars in there.

im putting the name into checkout but it says i have the wrong output or whatever. where it goes after im done downloading.

Did you put that link in the “URL of repository” and hit “OK”

well, first of all, i cant copy right off the thread, because it changes into:,

instead of the url. so i have to go into the actual shortcut.

Use this guide on how to install addons via SVN

i have installed before svns before, but it was off of divrans thread for svn. so the checkout was right there.

Then what is the issue? Or am I misunderstanding your posts?

because when i click to copy the shortcut, it changes to “redirecting” blah blah blah blah. right click on the shortcut to see what i mean,

Also on Divran’s svn thread, it was’nt a shortcut, it was just some letters that you copyed and pasted into checkout.

I don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but it doesn’t say anything about redirecting.

ok well it wont let me just copy the shortcut, so im trying to go into it and copy the title at the top,(garrysmod-vehiclepack - Revision 13: /trunk) and it says… This is not a valid path! A valid path must not contain <>"?*: or one of the following device names: com1-com9, lpt1-lpt9, prn, aux, con ,nul, clock$

and also, about the right click, the shortcut changes into the rederecting thing…


Also, you copy/paste the URL into the SVN Checkout.


ok when i right click it it changes to a whole different shortcut : (

i don’t know what happens…

What do you mean when you right click it changes? Are you left handed?

Just drag over the link, hit ctrl+c, then ctrl+v into the “URL of repository” on the SVN checkout window.

lol yes. But i figured it out with the ctl+c thing, since i usually just right click. So thanks a bunch. Downloading now.


jeez it a huge download, isn’t it.

im uploading my alyx car dupe,i think its a jalopy so u need ep2 but if u think alyx is hot or if u want shits and giggles get it when its out.

He’s not looking for shitty dupes, he’s looking for coded vehicles, and he’s already got them.