Good video recorder?

Hi, i make a lot of maps for garry’s mod, and i like to attract attention to them with pizzazy videos, the only problem is, i can’t find a good, free, screen-capper that doesn’t dramatically reduce my frame-rate. Think you guys can help?

Source Recorder.

Source Recorder is built into every source game, but it uses console commands. I use xFire ingame video recorder.

Use source recorder. Unless your comp can’t take it (In which I really suggest getting a better one or upgrading.)

I use fraps, Trial version too, Just keep recording then you just put the videos together.

HyperCam is completely free now. Need a decent system if you’re wanting QUALITY videos, but it does work, and you don’t get any annoying “unregistered” captions at the bottom.

source recorder

if you dont have a recording card like me then source recorder is the best . it is right from the game so it gets the best image and best fps, without eating your fps and making your vids anus :stuck_out_tongue: