Good VPS host (Europe) for a Garry's mod server / Some general help

Lemme try this again

A few days ago there was a thread here about hosting server on a VPS there where a few good VPS’s listed there but I can’t find it anymore so that’s why i’m starting this new thread.

Anyway, since I like to make machinima a lot and make it a lot and I like to mess around with friends on different games i’m looking to rent a VPS, for ~3-5 months since i’m getting a 100Mbit connection but they are having some problems with it and it keeps being delayed over and over again and currently i’m hosting my server on a shitty 3 Megabyte connection. I want a VPS because it will be used mainly for Garry’s Mod but sometime I also like to mess around on TF2 for example.

So i’m looking for a VPS host in Europe (Preferable I will pay in Dollars instead of Euro’s) that isn’t too expensive since it’s only a temporary server.

Also since i have never used a VPS only Dedicated servers what are something that I need to know and what specs do I need to have in order to make it run the following server (listed below) smoothly with a good ping.

I’m planing to host either a Garry’s mod server with around 6-12 slots or a Team fortress 2 server with around 24-32 slots they don’t have to run simultaneously. And they won’t run 24/7 since most VPS’s have a bandwidth limit. Let’s say at max the TF2 server will run 32 hours in 1 week.

So yeah I hope a few of you can help me out or maybe link be back to the old topic, thanks!


Im dumb!!

I’ve hosted a GMOD server on my VPS before and it seemed to work just fine, CSS also works good :smile:


Or if you are feeling kind here is my affiliate link:’m using the Mini package but you shouldn’t have a problem with the Micro package because it has quite a large RAM burst limit.

Thank you SOOOO MUCH i was looking for that site :slight_smile:

Ill get the Big package of 1GB ram 2GB burst ram, I should be able to host 2 24 slots servers at the same time.

Haha, well that was just damned lucky! That should be plentiful, enjoy :dance:

I’ll also recommend fanatical, and also provide my referrer.

Got four VPSes with them, have no regrets.