Good VPS host for gmod?

Preferably in USA Chicago for a 90 slot darkrp server that is not crazy expensive

You’d need a VPS that offers a really high end CPU (3.5+ GHz) and you’d also need a lot of optimizing.
Most VPS plans offer more cores and RAM the higher the price gets, you don’t need more than 2 cores as SRCDS doesn’t support this anyways.

Even if you manage to find yourself a VPS where you don’t pay for additional cores you won’t use, you’d need to do a LOT of optimizing before you’d be able to run 90 slots. Most servers start lagging around 40 players on DarkRP with the “normal” addons you expect on DarkRP.

Why create a new thread?

I would recommend

NFO servers is amazing. They have the best customer service and by far the least lag of any server host. It made the difference between my server having 15 player average and 25.

NFO Servers recently went down to a ddos attack. Not so amazing. I also found putting a VPS in the same datacentre they use in New York brought my Ping down by 50ms.

Lol try and find a host that offers the sort of DDoS protection available at NFOservers for FREE and then complain.

You live in New Zealand and connect to my NYC server with 120 ping. I connect who a solid 5 ping from New Jersey, they’re great! Unless you plan on paying $120 a month to a website like OVH getting ddos-ed once every half year is understandable.

I recomend as their my fav :wink:

You are a fucking idiot if you are really blaming NFO for what it sounds like is ping issues, bringing down your ping would be positive so you make no sense because the way you talk that was a bad thing. They also never went down, I am hosting 5 servers with them and none of them have went down recently or at all for that matter.

They posted in their events log silly. Also using a VPS over hosted game server will bring your pings down a bit. Try it yourself if you dont believe me and wanna throw these accusations out there.

Also you are a fucking idiot if you are hosting that many servers with them and ripping yourself off by not using a VPS or Dedi. I know OVH ( will charge you $50 for a high spec dedi. OVH can also withstand much larger DDOS attacks than NFO/Internap

… if there’s any difference, which I doubt there is, it’s probably negligible. My ping went down ~10ms when I bought a VPS in the same city as my old game server.

Hmmm I looked in the events log and nothing, like I said I have had no issues with them at all, Yes I am sure I could save some money by hosting all of my servers on a VPS but for right now there is no reason. And OVH does seem like a good company to host with but they do not offer servers on the west coast, or at least what I can see they dont. Most of my player base is located there.

90 slot

not crazy expensive

are you insane