Good VPS?

I need a good VPS that can handle up to (50?) players on 33 tick in US for lowest cost possible. Planning to run on gm_fork with a well optimized custom gamemode. Any suggestions?

A “good” vps for gmod is pretty expensive/rare due to most cheap providers carrying low single-core performance.

You’re best with an NFO game server. That config with higher CPU priority and 50 slots is about 50 a month, and they’re just generally a good provider with really nice support.

Yeah, as lurker said. a good vps would cost you a lot but if you do have the money i would say zare as it’s commonly used by hosting companies etc

I would probably actually recommend colocation at that stage but huh, those servers aren’t bad value. You’re going to want to put more than just a game server on it though, at least a couple game servers and your web server.

A dedicated server using a Core i series processor would be your best bet, as the Core i series has really good single-thread performance. Make sure it is a relatively recent architecture though (i.e. Haswell or later)