Good way to using SetFont()?

So I am stuck with a minor problem.
I have made a derma menu, and I would like to change the font that is on the “DButton” to a better one.

After reading the wiki:

They said it could e used on Panel and on the following controls such as “DButton”.
But now, does that mean I would have to remake the DButton for my gamemode in order to change the font on it?


No, DButton is derived from DLabel which has the :SetFont command. It should work as expected if you do button:SetFont(etc)

Yah I did tried doing that when I created my Button, but the font just stayed the same.

I think it is set in the derma skin then.

So, after all, would I need to remake the button and register it to overwrite the normal one? ( Only for my Gamemode of course )

Nvm, after all I decided to perfom a paint event on my button, a lil bit glitchy but it’s great.
If you do come up with an easier way, please reply.