Good Wire-focused build servers

So, I’m looking for recommendations: Where can I build with a lower-than average number of minges, preferably with a focus on wire?

-the other “normal” stools
-few minges
-a focus on wire
-preferably, smart people
-hosted in North America on a decent-good dedicated server

Generally good build servers that I play on:
GGG - Toshkent:
Saxservers US:

Features Multiparent, Stacker, Weight, PHX, WireSVN, and ACF (if you like that sort of thing).

Other good build servers that I visit occasionally:
[Nodex]Garry Sucks ECS Build -
O.D.P. [ PHX|Wire ] -

Focused Wire-based Servers:
Drunkie’s Public:
Niko-Kun’s Server:

I’d mention some others that I swing by occasionally - but I lost the IPs.

All of the above are North America servers.