“Finally the smog from the artillery has cleared, look at that sunrise”


shit thats bright sorry :v:

This is Nice man it’s just a little bright…that’s all.


Yeah, woops

Nice posing, can anyone point me to the content?

this is beautiful!

Looks nice, but tone down the bloom a bit in the trees

thanks mateys!

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which part?

That looks awesome, i love the futuristic WW1 stuff.

What’re the models based on, those Vietnam era soldiers from a while ago?

Also, where’s that radio from?

Radio - WAW model pack
Soldiers - They use the Vietnam gear, I didn’t want TOO futuristic, More like Retro-future, Think Fallout series but WW1 and shit

wow this is terrible, kill yourself



Why do they have Laser RCW (From Fallout: New Vegas). Besides, if it was supposed to be a tommy gun, It didn’t really serve in the WW2.

Edit: I like the picture, though!

This is great posing and composition, concept shows alot of cool potential, but it kinda lacks finesse; The map and lighting is bad, and the blocky debris just kills the whole picture.

Because it’s world war era retro-futurism.

aye, thanks for the input