Google Code is shutting down

Its not for another year but the site is being phased out, so if you want to download old SVNs or reupload them to newer sites then it would be a good idea to do so. Heres the SVN for a list of old Fretta gamemodes! They can be a fun little project to edit and fix

Time to relocate chatsounds again. Dunno where we’re gonna host it now.


Try bitbucket, it lets you create as many repos as you want, and you can make private ones too without a monthly fee.

Exported gmodfretta gamemodes to github. Maybe I’ll fix them up to work on jetbooms fretta13 currently outdated

FYI Niandra has done a handful of these already, so you can skip some:

Oh yeah, I should probably get all those up on the Workshop at some point as well

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Pretty sure there’s a old of old gamemodes on GoogleCode, I’ll try and save a couple

There is a whole bunch of old projects on Google code which might be cool to look through and/or fix