GoogleCode SVN | TortoiseSVN | SmartSVN

Hello, I am having problem using SVN Links from GoogleCode, more exactly:
I tried to get in the link first, and it worked fine, I seen folders and items, however, if I try to checkout, NOTHING happens, the checkout window just stays there, both on TortoiseSVN and SmartSVN, it’s also not the only problem, I also tried to use with other GoogleCode SVN links but it still didn’t work.
Help much appreciated.

i’ve had a similar problem but mine goes to about halfway and then gives me “/svn/!svn/vcc/default’: 200 OK(insert link here)”. I’ve heard of other people having problems 2.

did you let it sit? SpaceBuild has A LOT of files to download, it may take time to index the request.

Hmm, is 20 minutes enough?

ya, that too much. (unless you have Failnet)

Dayum. What should I do?!

Try using https not http

Works, thanks.