Gordan Brutally Punches a Combine

Shhhesh. That has to hurt.





So how is it? Too much blur?

Also bad map.

Yeh. I agree bad map, but I was on flatgrass at the time so, what the heck. But the posing, do you think that’s ok?

I think that is too much blur. It would be more presentable if you make one of the characters blur, to show how fast they are being impacted, not both. Blurring everything just takes out the detail and creates a mess in my opinion.

well posing is…

oh, damn…
i guess…i guess posing is pretty lame but i can’t say for sure…
hard to see anything.

Okay, I’ll make it centered on one person next time. Do you know how to do that in paint.NET?

Could it be possible for us to see the original image?

Yeah sure, why not.

Looks like he’s holding his head up rather than hitting it.

Soon the whole first page will be full of your pictures.

Yeah, I used that program before started to use photoshop, the only good thing he has are the filters so you are kind of stuck… but don’t worry, everyone has past that part and so will you, now that you know how some things work (layers, filters and all that crap) it’s time to take some steps in photoshop, its hard at the begining but when you get to know the basics unlimited options open for you. ANNNNNNNNNNNND what I just said was preety gay lol

Gordon. Jesus christ, learn this shit!

Edit: Oh bloody fucking hell, I failed.

No, he misspelled the last o, he wrote Gordan

It’s fucking Gordon anyways.

Thanks for all the input, everyone!

John Freeman punched combine in face.

This made me smile… A guy who can’t spell tries to correct another person who also cannot spell.

It looks like he tried to kiss the combine but then he got angry and put his fist up.

Please, stop using flatgrass

The editing, if done by someone like Chesty, could fix this pic. Put this in the Edit my Screenshot thread.