Gordan Freeman/Shawshank Redemption.


Not the greatest looking, hope it gives you a chuckle though.

Pretty good posing. Use tags

Posing is very stiff.
Camera angle is bad(Dont do high angles)
I dont get it, Gordon ended in jail or something?
And last but not least… ITS GORDON NOT GORDAN >:(

You don’t get it because you’ve never seen shawshank :smiley:

The main character in the movie gets raped in a scene in a boiler room. I just replaced the character with Gordan . And I admited it wasn’t good image wise. It’s for humour, if you havent seen the movie you wont get it.

There you go.

Writing needs to stand out way more,
The posing is really bad,
And I have no clue what’s happening. (Haven’t seen Shawshank.)

Thank you. And I was guessing alot more people watched cable :smiley:

aaah one of my favorite Stephen King story…
not bad
For the 1000th time it’s GORDON…why is it so hard to spell this name right!

I loved it, but it needs a bit more working on the pose but still great. “but prison is not a fairy tale world.”

I was expecting a recreation of in the movie near the end when Andy leaves the pipe and he stands taking in the rain and taking in the free world he had made it out to.

I would do it now, but the only maps I could think of that would work would be the L4D2 Hard Rain maps, and I’m too lazy to port them.

Rated dumb for misspelling something as simple and as obvious as Gordon Freeman.

Also I didn’t know that jail rapists walk like zombies.