Gordiant (Giant Salamander from Lost Planet 2)

I loved this cute fella, and would love to see him in gmod.


Ohhh fuck yes…


Yes, having that would be epic.

The possibilities if this could be ripped…
I support this.

If anyone can get me a rigged model of this with textures, then I will port him to Gmod.

The only issue with this is that Gordiant is supposed to be GINORMOUS, so the physics are probably going to be wonky.

The bigger the better.

I’ve tried manipulating large ragdolls before. For instance, a full scale MEGAS ragdoll, which would probably be roughly half the size of Gordiant.
It hovered over the ground and floated down ridiculously slow, and it was basically impossible to pick up with the physgun.

A ginormous ragdoll like Gordiant’s would be outright impossible to manipulate by standard means.

Whatever, I’ll crank up 3D Ripper DX and try to rip Gordiant later on.

Would be cool if it was rigged too. :slight_smile:

Oogaboogaman is an expert with giant ragdolls, he has ported godzilla, hekaton and other gigantic beasts, and they were fully poseable

Is it possible to have a reduced sized version of him? I’m curious

Most likely, yes. To my knowledge, a model and the skeleton that it’s rigged to can be scaled down, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. Don’t take my word on that though, I could be wrong.

That’s what is pretty much done. Can be the size of a cat or size of Godzilla.

Size doesn’t matter anymore. There is a too called “Ragdoll Poser”

It helps with these kind of issues.