Gordon & Alyx under rain


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Rain is a little heavy broski. I like the droplets hitting them though.

Too much rain on the left side, nothing else to say except that it’s nicely done. Good work.


Really atmospheric. I like it.

Just noticed them holding hands, heart for you.

Gordon looks a bit strange, Alyx on the other hand looks epic in this picture.

Alyx looks like she just orgasmed

Alyx looks like an elderly woman.

Gordon: “Madam! Kindly remove your hand from my leg. I am of the gay persuasion”.
Alyx: “Daaaaamn”.

Rain is a bit excessive but nice splashes. Nice work over all.

they went to hard rain for their honeymoon


Who cares?

Because it’s overused and not that good.

Hmm, when you see people under heavy rain, you tell them that too? :smiley:

Why is gordons right hand just left there completely unposed? And his head is a 2-second pose job too.

IRL, when girl touch you, you start twitching hands and show her a joker face? :smiley:
Why pose his other hand, when that not necessary

When someone has hair in heavy rain it doesn’t droop down like they’re from a hair metal band does it?


Because it’s upside fucking down and looks broken.

That reminds me, did it ever actually rain during HL2 or the Episodes?

Was I the only one thinking of a rain of mortars?

Good picture. Alyx likes the rain on her face, and Gordon finally admits his feelings. He likes Alyx. Eli may get his wish after all. Lol. Just add this in for those who haven’t played EP2 before.

If they haven’t played Episode 2 they don’t deserve to get the reference. No cookie for you!